I'm Edith, mother of two, fashion lover, entrepreneur, & creator of Ekees Shoe Bags.

Solving Shoe Storage Problems

My first attempt to solve this problem and preserve my shoes was by organizing them in boxes. But by keeping my shoes in boxes I always forgot what I had because I couldn’t see them or would get lazy and didn’t want to go through each box looking for shoes. 

Thinking outside of the box...

Then I thought that buying shoe racks and placing my shoes neatly in them would solve the problem and help me see all my shoe options, which did help but then I had another problem.  My shoes were getting dusty and looked ruined by all the dust they collected and it took a lot of time for me to clean each shoe before wearing it.

Determined to find a solution I looked and looked, and I realized there was nothing out there that could solve my problem.  That’s when I decided to take on this project myself to create a bag that will help solve all those problems. I began doing a lot of research finding the right materials and dimensions that will create the best clear shoe bag out there. 

My goal was to create a clear shoe bag that not only solved all my problems but one that was easy to carry, high quality, and fashionable. I wanted the shoe bag to be perfect for your closet storage and for traveling. Getting the dimensions right was much harder then I expected and I failed over and over again. The bag needed to be perfectly designed to tightly fit and protect men's and women's shoes and high heels. 

After 15 prototype fails and over a year of hard work... My EKEES bag was born.

All my hard work and determination finally paid off! My latest design solved all my shoe bag problems. I introduced my product to the world in 2017 at a women's expo and the feedback was unbelievable. Everyone who tried my clear shoes bags loved it, and now you can share the love by ordering your very own Ekees clear shoe bags online today.


High Quality Innovative Design

Made with heavy duty & high quality polyvinyl & cotton felt. Durable & lightweight with strong design & easy to carry.


Absolutely love my ekees shoe bags! Not only do my running shoes and heels fit perfectly but the bags are cute and make my closet look clean and organized.

Brie M.

I love these bags!! I went traveling and used them for my shoes and used another bag for my bikinis, it worked perfectly! 

Silvia S.