The following are some frequently asked questions regarding our shoe bags. If you have any further questions please contact us by clicking here. 

Q. What size shoe fit in your bags?

Our shoe bags accommodate most women's shoe sizes 4-11 US

Q. Do your shoe bags only come in one size?

Currently, we offer only one size shoe bag that fits most women's shoes up to size 11. We are in the process of designing a larger bag for men.  

Q. How can you wash the shoe bags?

The best way to wash the cotton felt & clear vinyl of the shoe bags is by hand with cold water and light baking soda.

Step 1: Fill a small bucket with cold water and add a light baking soda or detergent until it is completely mixed with the water. Hot water can shrink the cotton or fade its color. 
Step 2: Submerge the shoe bag in the water and lightly squeeze the cotton felt to allow the material to be cleaned. If needed you can use a toothbrush to lightly scrub any stains.
Step 3: Rinse with cold water after washing and gently squeeze the felt. Carefully remove as much water as you can. Squeezing too hard can result in stretching the fabric. Use a dry cloth to remove water spots from the clear vinyl and then place it on a clean, flat surface. Let the shoe bag air-dry completely.

Q. Do the shoe bags prevent the smell of stinky shoes?

Yes, our shoe bags are able to completely cover your shoes and reduce smells from escaping into travel bags or closets. 

Q. How many shoes can fit in one bag?

Each shoe bag is designed to hold a pair of shoes or high heels up to women's size 11. You can also fit multiple pairs of children's shoes depending on the size. 

Q.  Is the cotton felt durable?

The cotton felt is very durable and made with high-quality materials and stitched with a strong lining. 

Q. Can you hang the shoes from the drawstring?

Yes! the drawstring is very durable and designed with the ability to hang or easily carry the shoes.  

Q. Do your shoe bags only come in one color?

Yes, currently our shoe bags only come with black cotton felt and gold logo stitched. 

Q. Does the plastic material get hard after using?

No, the clear bag is made of high-quality vinyl and never gets hard. 

Q. Are the shoe bags breathable?

Yes, there are two small holes designed to allow small amounts of moisture to escape.