12 EKEES® Clear Shoe Bags - Drawstring, Dust Proof, Protective + FREE Shipping
Ekees Clear Shoe Bags, High Heels, Drawstring
Transparent Shoe Bags, perfect fit & protect shoes
Ekees Clear Shoe Bags, Dust Proof, High quality, with Drawstring
Ekees Clear Shoe Bags designed for high heels
Ekees Clear Shoe Bags, Perfectly Fits Sneakers
Ekees Clear Shoe Bags, high quality polyvinyl & cotton felt.
Clear Shoe Bags to protect running shoes or gym shoes
Transparent Shoe Bag protects high heals from dust
Travel Shoe Bags, Clear design protects shoes
Best Travel Shoe Bag, Transparent, High Quality
Transparent shoe bags for all shoes
High quality plastic clear shoe bags
heavy duty & high quality shoe bags made with polyvinyl

12 EKEES® Clear Shoe Bags - Drawstring, Dust Proof, Protective + FREE Shipping

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Included in this purchase is 12 Ekees Shoe Bags + FREE SHIPPING 

Ekees innovative clear shoe bags are perforated to perfectly fit and protect your shoes.

  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - reusable drawstring shoe bags with cotton felt designed to perfectly fit shoes in a protective stylish bag.
  • SPOT CLEAN - Protect shoes from dust and against scruffs or scrapes while storing in a closet, suitcase, car, or travel bags.
  • GET ORGANIZED - shoe bags condense space by tightly holding shoes together while providing protection and supporting shoe shape from warping or wrinkles.
  • BEST TRAVEL SHOE BAGS - free up storage space in your travel bag by condensing shoe space and protect your clothes from dirt on the bottom of shoes after use. Stylish design is easy to carry and bags can be used for multiple travel needed products to stay organized. 
  • TRANSPARENT - one of a kind full view clear shoe bags make it easy to identify the content
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - not just a shoe bag, also makes it easy to store and condense toiletries, socks, underwear, makeup, and many other uses.
  • HIGH QUALITY - made with heavy duty & high quality polyvinyl & cotton felt. Durable & lightweight with strong design & easy to carry.

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